Roses are red

Violets are blue

I lay alone at night

and dream of you

but the roses have wilted

and the violets are dead

dreams turn into nightmares

when I sleep alone in bed

The sun isn’t rising                                                                          IMG_3422-002

the sky isn’t clear

there’s no silver lining

because the end is near

could this be tears

that leaves me with pain

could this be my worst fears

bringing on the rain

Rain keeps on pouring

clouding my mind

no worth restoring

closer to the unkind

Your emotions burned

hotter then the sun

But time can’t be turned

nor actions undone

like words that you said

” I love you”


then being misled

if only you knew..

The way that we cared

a love that ran deep

the memories shared

a friend I could keep

wanting to forget what you know

but then you don’t

knowing you should just let go

but knowing you wont

his eyes are blue

and to wake up missing you

my lips stained red

with images of us burned in my head

The Roses remain wilted

The violets; dead




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