” See that man over there..”? My aunt ask me..  I looked out the truck window and there was a man laying on a bench in the park trying to sleep..


” Your uncle knows him.. He is gay…he was in love.. but something happened between him and his lover.. im not sure what.. he cut his lovers head off.. and walked right down this road here to a bar. Sat down, put his lovers head on the counter and said my friend and I need a drink. He spent time in prison and he’s been homeless since he’s been out.” 

” I gave him a sandwich”  I said.  ” What ..?” my aunt said

” When I have extra money I make sandwiches, drive around and give them to the homeless”. I explained to her

She asked me if I was scared. I told her no.


I spent the other day with my aunt Milissa. Shes married to my uncle Stacy on my moms side. We went dumpster diving. I was raised ” better then this” according to my parents. But I have no shame climbing in a dumpster and digging through trash to find things. 

It was my idea because my aunt barely has any clothes or shoes and I have no money to buy her any.. We were unsuccessful , because we quickly realized it was trash day.

I spent 20 years of my life living the way my parents wanted me to and as a result I am taking anti depressants, having no friends, been suicidal since I was little, not caring about anything, not even myself, my entire family hates me. So i’m going to try living it my way.. my parents would consider this the skanky way. So what if I get joy out of dumpster diving..its funny.

I have happier memories dumpster diving with my aunt then I do with my parents on Christmas.  



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