Rest In Peace

Recently an old classmate of mine died from cancer. She was diagnosed with a rare form of sarcoma in December.. and died in July. She was born with a small tumor on her spine that no one knew about until she became pregnant. The pregnancy hormones cause the tumor to grow. While she was pregnant she was diagnosed. She had a girl. She was never strong enough to care for her. Her daughter was 8 months old when she died.

Her family created a facebook page for her while she was undergoing treatment. I never went to visit her and I guess I should have. We weren’t that close but complete strangers were going to visit her so why wasn’t I ?  Hundreds of people attended her funeral.. I did not. 

My heart goes out to her and her family and all cancer patients..

But.. realistically she didn’t do anything exceptional. In school she was just another punk teenager with an attitude. Kind of like myself… Once she came down with cancer she was famous. And every one followed her story. I want people to follow mine as well but not because i’m dieing.. because i’m living.. 

I mean she didn’t cure cancer she just died from it…   

Why do we have to die to become important ?


Rest in Peace 


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