Im back !

Readers! I am so sorry I have fallen off the face of the earth I know..

Since Ive been gone i have gotten a job working a register at a wal mart in town. and I also have a boy friend. I feel bad because writing is my passion yet i have completely abandoned you. My lap top has a virus and kicks me off at random but my moms suppose to have some thing thatll fix it. Im locked in my apartment with over 20 candles burning. The power went out due to the ice storm we are having. 

The other day at my register.. I was checking this older lady and she said ” see this girl right here…thats my grand daughter”…. she was showing me a picture in a magazine.. 

The fake me said ” oh wow how cool is that” but in my head I was thinking “congradufuckinlations….”  

She explained to me that her grand daughter is a blogger.. and I instantly said ” me too”! She said ” oh really honey?! Do you blog about fashion as well”? …  Umm No..  When I was done checking her out she said she would love to read some of my stuff and she asked for my link.. as I was writing it down i could barely remember what it was.. isnt that awful. As she walked away I was thinking ” damn she is going to think im a nut case “..

I wonder if she actually visited my blog or not. Its probably not her style! 

I think im going to jump off here.. my boyfriend is on his way over. More about him later. 



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